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Email Marketing

The Newsletter, the No.1 tool to build customer loyalty

Email is the best. Checking the email is the first action we do when we turn on our electronic devices even before accessing facebook, instagram.

Being able to count on a monthly institutional newsletter built on quality and relevant content is the best way to retain your customers over time and thus increase the sales of your products and / or services.

It is a thread of Arianna, an exclusive channel for the newsletter, owned, not by third parties. A strong bond that will keep you hooked for a long period with your audience as long as you always have interesting topics to communicate.


The Secrets for a successful newsletter

Selection of medium-term objectives
Each monthly submission must be made based on a series of objectives set in advance by the corporate editorial plan.
Newsletter Design
The first impact, the visual one, is the basis for starting any communication process well. My task is to identify at the layout level the most effective potentially to better convey the newsletter.
Database profiling
I work on database profiling from the beginning because the more it is segmented according to some key criteria, the more pervasive the communication will be. You can not make a bundle of a whole grass.
Editorial Activity on Demand
I compile the multimedia contents necessary for your newsletter from scratch. I autonomously produce photographic material, video, editorials on demand to resolve any incompleteness or absence of content on the different areas.
Automated sending and re-sending
I select the best days of the week by establishing automatisms for sending and re-sending your newsletter in order to increase its conversion
Flywheel Social Effect
The sending platforms allow you to integrate the newsletter into your social pages on facebook, instagram, twitter in order to obtain a flywheel effect designed to amplify your communication.

Due facce della stessa... Newsletter

Database Email Optimization

Communicating the same message to the market is the simplest thing to do.

But also the most useless from the point of view of effectiveness…

Where possible, when time permits, I profile the database on different distribution lists according to predetermined variables such as geographic area, age, gender, tastes, propensity to buy.

In this way, for each target there will be a precise communication strategy, differentiated from each other, so as to favor the final conversion process.

Email Data Analysis & Reporting

Reading the shipping reports generated by a newsletter turns out to be an increasingly strategic activity for any sales office.

I analyze with you the analytics generated by each mailing, I make corrective actions on the editorial level so that you can more easily reach the objectives outlined in the medium / long term.


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