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Press Office & Digital PR

I improve the Perception of the Brand

Whether you decide to launch a new brand or a product on the market from scratch, you need to work on perception and everything that revolves around it. We are here on the border with the psychological sphere of purchase.

This delicate work for the fate of the new product / service, or interfacing with the market, is the responsibility of a professional press office.

In all sectors, today, information is so saturated and redundant that making a product with quality content “newsworthy” through authentic journalistic activity is an increasingly difficult and complex job.

Coordination of Digital & Traditional Media

Digital PR is used to connect traditional media to blog newsletters and social media and develop tailor-made strategies for their optimal involvement, depending on the sector, differentiating depending on whether it is fashion, luxury, life style, automotive or food.

It is also involved in the management of the brand at a social media level, in order to coordinate the communication strategy as a whole, giving homogeneity to the set of news items.


What I Offer

Definition of the Target
In a discourse of efficient use of available resources, the first step is to carefully select the media target of interest.
Drafting of press releases
I draft original content in the form of press releases, video interviews, press news, accompanied by photos and texts for any eventuality and for any type of sector.
Distribution of Information Material
I coordinate the information flow between the journalists involved in order to amplify and clarify your voice.
Management of Editorial Calendars
Each company has particular recurrences to respect. I set up a precise editorial plan that accompanies and coordinates the set of communication strategies shared with the management.
Media Angle Management
Each news has its own audience. To make the message more understandable and shareable, it is important to give it a different cut depending on the target.
One to One Contact Management
I am able to manage each chosen interlocutor in a differentiated way, choosing what to say for you and what not.
Management of Press Events
I manage every detail of your press event, taking care of its contents personally, whether it is related to corporate or product communication.
Sending Digital Press Review
Sending differentiated digital flows exclusively where it makes sense to do so, saving you time and resources.

From Story Telling to Brand Journalism: the new frontier of Online Promotion

The Brand Journalism

Once upon a time there were storytellers and with them the era of Story Telling was born …

Today it is no longer enough to tell a couple of stories. Have you ever wondered why TV series on Netflix are the favorites of netflix lovers? Because they constantly keep viewers on track more than any other film.

As with Netflix, even for the Tizio brand there is an increasing need to have a dedicated press office able to constantly write content that tells the brand while keeping the public’s interest alive.

Only in this way does promotional communication turn into interesting content to be talked about continuously and that is worth sharing on the net. The brand and / or product must make news thanks to a real journalistic activity.

Thanks to the storytelling, a strong bond is created between the company and the buyers: they will look forward to new stories from their favorite brand.

It is the new frontier of online promotion, brand journalism that goes well with the need of search engines to “reward” those sites that, thanks to their continuous editorial activities, publish new contents on the net, thus making them appear in the first places.

A sort of fourth dimension of journalism, as it was never known before the digital evolution.


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