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Social Media Marketing

The social networks, your Showcase on the world

Companies from the most disparate sectors are present on social networks for a very simple reason: they are the most crowded place in the world for potential customers.

Doing without all this good things for reasons of time or even just organizational, means losing sales opportunities, requests for quotes, contacts, to the advantage of someone else who is already doing it.

As a freelancer, I work alongside companies in managing their social media strategy by defining the editorial plan, objectives and timing, and creating multimedia content designed to keep the reference community’s attention on the brand high.


I think your Social Media Strategy...

Target Selection
Any successful social strategy starts from defining the target and the related contents to be used: only in this way will it benefit the overall performance and therefore the results.
Choice of Goals
I define a series of objectives over a period of time defined for each channel such as: likes on the page, contact or quote requests, purchases of products or services.
Choice of Channels
Not all channels are suitable. There are some better than others based on a series of variables that must be carefully analyzed by type of business if you do not want to compromise the final result.
I plan the editorial activity
I plan and provide editorial services by independently creating original multimedia content for each communication channel in order to keep interest in your brand always high.
I manage the Community
In the midst of the digital age, the speed of response to community requests is one of the factors not to be overlooked if you want to control the scene as well as the frequency of publication of new and relevant posts.
I Analyze the Data
I periodically analyze the analytics results comparing them with the planned objectives in order to optimize them, correct them, making the ongoing communication process more efficient.

A coordinated Social Strategy...

Social Media Advertising Management

I manage your PPC promotional campaigns on facebook, instagram, selecting the most effective ads for each target in creating interest around your brand quickly with the aim of encouraging conversion.

Over the course of the year, I analyze the analytics data to optimize its performance.

Social Media Content Creation

Social media are hungry for content in general. Social media have no memory: a post published just a day ago may have already exhausted all its interest.

I create multimedia contents, stories, around your brand, for each channel, so as to increase the number of followers of your facebook, instagram pages, even without the direct help of paid campaigns.


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