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"Since 2006, the activity of Sumweb Digital Agency Bologna has focused on the activation and management of communication processes that are complex by their nature, exploiting the versatility that digital media make available to it on a daily basis.

It offers consulting services in Communication and Digital Marketing, creation of Multimedia Thematic Contents for small and medium-sized enterprises, with particular focus on the Industrial Packaging and Precision Mechanics sector"

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I am specialized in the field of Precision Mechanics and Industrial Packaging

Thanks to my many years of experience, I have developed specific know-how for the precision mechanics and industrial packaging sector. I know in advance most of my clients' needs with a consequent reduction in learning time.

I'm your External Press Office

I provide the press office service for the management of institutional communication during events or fairs. My editorial activity mediates between the company's needs to communicate in general and the differentiation required by its digital channels.

I'm your External Marketing Department

I specialize in planning digital marketing strategies through the systemic and coordinated use of tools such as website, newsletters, social networks, ppc campaigns and editorial content, both visual and textual, ad hoc.

I Create Quality Content

I create quality content, technical texts, social media, promotional videos for events, I create product photo shoots, brochures and catalogs in every format, logos, to be used, depending on the needs, in different areas.

I'm Quick in Time to Market

Each solution is developed and fine-tuned directly at the client company, reducing time to a minimum and speeding up implementation.

I am allergic to bureaucracy and to those who waste time

I am allergic to anything that is complicated for no reason. This is why I try to tune in immediately with the customer on a relationship that does not waste time for me and the customer, since they are a VAT number.

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Digital Era: Evolution or Real Involution?

Do you think that today promoting any company, in the middle of the digital age, of the technological giants dictating the law such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, is easier than in the days of the much loved cathode ray tube?

About Me

1994 - 1997 Degree in Marketing & Business Administration
at Alma Mater Studiorum - Thesis topic "New enterprises in the electronic publishing sector: the case of multimedia productions."
1997 - 2000 Researcher at the Department of Business & Economics
at Alma Mater Studiorum - I coordinate and create content on sector studies on digital media and on the development of Internet Service Providers in Italy
2000 - 2005 Bank employee
assunto a tempo indeterminato dagli istituti di credito Bipop - Carire e poi Carisbo con la mansione di gestore portafoglio clienti
2006 - 2007 Consultant at Deloitte
internal trainer and tutor on digital marketing strategies, strategic marketing, brand marketing, B2B strategies, B2C business.
2006 Qualified as Financial Advisor
as a private owner, he takes and passes the exam for registration in the register of financial advisors (profession never practiced)
2006 works in Bitomy ideas to communicate
opens Bitomy in Bologna a communication and digital marketing agency. It deals with its commercial, administrative and technological development, touching and dealing with the various problems autonomously
2006 - 2019 Bitomy Digital Consultant
he works as a freelance for important companies in the mechanical and packaging sector in the Emilia Romagna area, taking care in first person and without intermediation, all that concerns digital communication and the creation of thematic contents
2020 works in Sumweb Digital Agency, a View Further...
of which, thanks to his training and experience, he is the factotum. Here the focus is on "visual" skills: photography, video editing, shooting with drones, directing. He personally manages all the agency's activities: customer research, multichannel web marketing, seo, web copywriting, social media and email marketing, web master and finally administrative.

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