Tor Meccanica

Tor Meccanica

Imola (BO)

An impressive amount of video material, around 150 video clips shot in 4K including interior and exterior scenes, was selected and edited following a very specific logic, that of the processes, for the creation of Technology.

The protagonists of the video are the machines, the most important ones in the various departments.

The first in order of display is the FPT Tessen Evo 35 mobile column milling machine, followed by the Doosan Puma SMX 3100 s, the multitasking turning center with orthogonal structure.

Always strictly in sequence you will recognize the Doosan Puma V8300M, the Puma 600, the Mori Seiki NL 3000, the FPT Stinger, the Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG, the C.B. Ferrari, the Doosan VC 630/5AX, the Studer S33, the Rosa Linea Gold.

Then we turn inside the metrology room, in quick succession in the foreground our quality control technology: the two Mitutoyo 3D Crysta Apex C 9168 and the Dea Global 3D Performance.

Thanks to Technology, those who don’t know us yet now have no more excuses: they will also have additional visual support available to choose us as their new supplier.