San Luca into the White

San Luca into the White


The Basilica of San Luca, on Colle della Guardia, for us Bolognese is our lighthouse as well as being an indelible symbol of protection and tradition.

When I arrive in Bologna, whether from the north, south, east or west, the first thing I see growing on the horizon, as I get closer to the city, as if it were embracing me again, is her, San Luca. And in that moment I already feel like I’ve arrived home…

It is connected to the city center by the portico of the same name which, starting its run from Porta Saragozza, with its 600 arches and an extension of 4 km, is the longest in the world. Wonders of Bologna, San Luca and its portico.

San Luca into the white, cinematic 4k video, was shot in the first ten days of January 2021, taking advantage of an unprecedented white blanket that made the entire landscape particularly evocative.

Filming lasted half a day for a total of 40 recorded video clips. Video editing and color correction took longer than expected due to the copious material available. It wasn’t easy to select the best frames. Almost all of them have a cinematic look and are stable also due to the absence of wind at high altitude.
Finally, I spent an evening choosing the soundtrack, obviously without copyright. I had about a dozen in mind. This 120 BPM seemed the most suitable given the context.